15 Swoon-Worthy Tent Wedding Ideas

Welcome back to spring week here at Belle! You know I love weddings from all seasons around here but spring might be my favorite seasons especially with all the gorgeous springtime flowers blooming.  And, when it comes to the perfect set-up for a spring fĂȘte tents are the first thing that comes to my mind. Besides, allowing you to have an outdoor reception that is also protected in case of bad weather, tents are like an empty canvas ready to painted. Couples can use a tent to make any vision come to life and guarantee a flawless occasion. Here is an array of some serious swoon-worthy tented wedding inspirations I put together for you. Enjoy!
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  1. Whoever said tents can't be elegant stand and be counted... then proved wrong!

  2. WOW!The places are gorgeous!I love them all,especially the last one.It's amazing and romantic!

  3. Great Tent Wedding Inspirations! They really all look awesome. Among them, what I like most is the first one. The design of the tent as well as the lightnings are really fabulous!

  4. Nice Post....Beautiful pictures, Its really great wedding ideas and advice for plan your wedding. Great job!

  5. Love those, I'll shoot in one of those any time!!!

  6. I really enjoy the rich colours in this, brings so much depths to the photos!


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